Housing Terms and Conditions

StudentLink International, hereafter called SLI, is commissioned by you, the student, to act in your best interest as your agent.

Registration fee is non-refundable. All applicants must fill out the Registration Form in full. Reservations are not confirmed until the Application and Housing Payment have been received in full.

Methods of payment: Credit card, wire transfers, direct deposits, checks are accepted as form of payments. 
$25 Non-sufficient funds fee
$45 Wire Transfer fee

Housing fees: Once placement is confirmed, SLI will send invoice with housing fees. These fees must be paid prior to Student’s check-in to Homestay.

Long-term participants are billed every quarter (90 days) or if less than that, for the full length of homestay.

SLI will make every effort to confirm housing placement within 2 weeks of a Participant’s arrival if the Registration Form and Fees are received 30 days prior to arrival. If SLI does not receive the proper information and housing fees as stated previously, SLI will inform the Participant as soon as placement has been confirmed. SLI will not be held responsible for any motel/hotel housing and meal charges that a Participant incurs while waiting for their housing placement to be confirmed by SLI.

Students are placed in a private room, unless they apply for shared. Homestays are with Hosts who speak English; a one or two member head of household; with or without children and animals. Students can choose either a Homestay with meals or without meals. All rooms are for single use only. At no time is a Participant allowed to have any overnight guests without prior permission from SLI and their Host. All Participants will be placed in housing that is less than a 10 miles radius of intended school.

Room with meals: Breakfast is to be prepared by the student. Host cooks and provides a hot meal for dinner.

Room only: No Meals included. Participant must purchase their own food. Kitchen privileges granted to Student may vary by family preferences for safety reasons.

Registration Preferences: SLI will make every effort to match family’s profile with student’s preferences or requirements; however, SLI works on availability basis and does not guarantee 100% match with such preferences or requirements. Refunds are NOT issued in case there are no families available to fulfill such preferences or requirements.

FLIGHT INFORMATION: It is the responsibility of the Student to communicate and verify anticipated arrival flight details with SLI at least two (2) weeks before arrival date.

AIRPORT PICK UP Airport pick-up can be arranged for an additional fee. Please see our “Rates” page. Other fees may apply for International flights.

INSURANCE: By signing this Agreement you agree that SLI and its Representatives/ Housing Coordinators and Hosts are not liable for any damages, injuries, and death to people or goods. Each Student is responsible for providing insurance for such risks. **NOTE** Many of the schools/colleges have a policy which requires purchase of insurance upon enrollment into their educational programs.

VISAS: Obtaining the proper visas and permits for your education/internship is the responsibility of each Participant.

CANCELLATION: Cancellations must be in writing and received by SLI. Registration fee, Deposit and first month’s housing fee is non-refundable. Refunds of any housing fees minus a 20% administration fee will only be given if the student cancels at least 30 days before leaving their home country. The Registration fee and Deposit are Non-Refundable in case of cancellation.

TERMINATION “Termination” refers to any cancellations made once you have arrived and begun your housing contract. Termination notices must be in writing and received by SLI. Participants are required to give a 30 day notice to be eligible for a refund of any unused housing fees, minus a 20% administration fee. Participants are financially responsible for the 30 days after notice. Fees will be returned within 45 days in form of a check to an address in USA. Registration and Security Deposit Fee are non-refundable in case of termination.

CHANGE OF HOME STAY: SLI reserves the right to change a Homestay for any reason. If SLI finds a family to be in violation of their “Host Family Standards of Conduct”, SLI will move the Student to another suitable home once one has been located and Participant will not be charged another application fee.

“COMPLETION OF HOMESTAY” Due to the need to facilitate arrangements for new placements, and for the planning associated with our housing process, participants are required to give a 30 day written notice to SLI if they intend to check-out and not extend their Homestay. If Participant does not give a 30 day notice, a full month’s housing will be charged to Participant’s account.

INTENT TO EXTEND: Participants are also required to give a 30 day written notice to SLI if they intend to extend at least 30 day prior to the end of last paid period. ( 30 day before current paid period ends).

“MODIFICATION OF MEAL/NO MEAL PROGRAM” If Student would like to change their meal program option, a 30 day notice is required. Please note: SLI cannot guarantee that the Host will be in agreement of the change.

“HOUSING CONTINUATION OR EXTENSION” All housing extensions must go through SLI. If Host and Participant are in agreement of extension, SLI will bill Student for the extended period and continue making payments to the Host on Student’s behalf.

At no time whatsoever, is a Student to pay his or her Host family directly, or enter into their own financial agreement with the Host family. If SLI finds out that such agreement has been made, both Host and Participant will be removed from our Homestay program and no refund will be expected.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit of $150.00 to $250.00 is to be collected from each Participant by SLI, and can be retained for up to 45 days after departure from homestay. The security deposit can and will be used for any additional days a Participant stays in a host’s home, outstanding telephone charges, breakage/damage and/or cleaning costs incurred by the student. In case of any damages above the amount held by StudentLink International, student agrees to pay the amount of least one quote provided by a licensed professional  requested by the host family.

It can also be used to cover any bank charges, credit card fees AND late payment fees accrued. To ensure return of the full amount, please settle all financial responsibilities with SLI directly. Please make sure to contact the SLI office with your forwarding address and request in writing the deposit to be refunded and forwarded. Your security deposit is non-refundable if you “Terminate” your housing agreement once begun, OR if you “Cancel” your housing application after submission. Security deposit will be refunded in form of check and mailed to an address in USA. Student Link does not mail checks internationally. Wire transfer service fees and Bank fees will apply if participant prefers wire transfer for refunds.

REFUNDS: Please see items “cancellation” and “termination” policy above.

TRANSPORTATION: It is the responsibility of the Participant to provide their own transportation throughout the duration of their stay.


I, the undersigned have read, understand and accept all the terms and conditions of this contract which are listed above. I fully accept the terms of the responsibility, refunds, extensions and charges as stated under the heading, “General Information and Conditions,” and I agree to assume any and all risk for any loss, injury, damage, accident, delay or expense resulting from my housing placement. I acknowledge that I do not hold SLI responsible for loss of any type or nature from any cause including (without limitation) acts of God, wars, strikes, incidents of politically motivated violence, sickness or quarantine, government restrictions or regulations, except in the case of willful or gross negligence of SLI including any claim regarding or concerning the selection of or from any act or omission by any homestay host family, bus company, landlord, taxi service, hotel, restaurant, school or other firm, agency, company or individual.

I understand that I am responsible for exercising due caution and common sense at all times, if I become ill SLI may take action, as it considers necessary. I indemnify SLI, its agents, employees, and its Host(s) and hold them harmless for any financial liability or obligation which I personally incur, or injury or damage to myself and the person or property of others. SLI reserves the right to make changes in my housing arrangements. I acknowledge acceptance of the terms of the refund policy as stated in the “General Information and Conditions. I understand and agree with the extension procedure as stated in Item 12.

I agree that any dispute under this Agreement will be filed in the Los Angeles county, Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles and will be determined under California law.